Professional Certificate Courses Abstracts

A Keeper’s Role in Safety

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The primary focus of animal care professionals is providing the best possible care and welfare for the animals in their care. Maintaining high standards in animal welfare means that caretakers must remain attentive to the safety concerns associated with the field, including working around dangerous animals, monitoring the public and their curiosity, and mitigating distractions. This 12-hour workshop is designed for animal care professionals (all taxa) to highlight the concerns and considerations that needs to be considered for maintaining high safety standards in animal areas.  The course will concentrate on keeper safety as well as the role of animal care staff for institutional safety and how to communicate in an emergency situation. Topics will include: Zoonosis, Reducing Injuries and Damage in your facility, Everyday Safety in Training, and Engineering Controls. Participants will also learn safety tools and techniques to share with peers and their institution in order create a safer work environment. 

Advanced Elephant Husbandry

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 The Indianapolis Zoo is well known for its elephant care and management and is a world leader in elephant reproduction.  From a historical overview to the present day routine, this course will emphasize training, husbandry and management techniques that have resulted in a multigenerational breeding herd in an environment that promotes physical and psychological wellbeing.  Topics will include reproduction (hormone data analysis, training for AI); herd management (birth and calf, bulls, geriatrics, introductions, behavioral research projects); tusk care and management (assessing breaks, training for preventive and medical procedures) with specific case studies to be examined throughout. 

Advanced Marine Mammal Husbandry

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This 12 hour advanced workshop is designed for marine mammal keepers with at least 5 years of experience in the field of marine mammal care and training. The course will concentrate on marine mammal biology, evolution, and sensory systems as well as investigating current research, husbandry and training practices. Topics will include advanced troubleshooting, educational programming, and professional development. The goal of this course is to elevate the standard of care for marine mammals in our facilities by providing the tools to advance keeper skills, and to motivate keepers to develop their involvement in the field.